Who am I?

My first experience in the fashion industry was at age 22, as a fashion illustrator on my way to New York. I was quickly sidetracked by a Boulder company of twelve women’s specialty clothing boutiques. They offered me a big job and I took it. I loved it!

Next stop: Layout artist for a major department store. I moved on to become a booker and runway trainer for a modeling agency and an agent for eight illustrators and fashion photographers.

I then took on a sales rep job for fourteen lines of clothing and jewelry for a six-state area and showroom. Heading back to the boutique world, I landed at a very high-end boutique where in addition to sales, I created the store displays and coordinated special events.

I took a break from clothing to sell diamonds for seven years. But my passion for clothing still burned, and I went back to another great boutique, for two years. Now…here I am. Back doing what I love most:

Making women just like you look and feel magnificent, within their budget, to fit their lifestyles.


Personal shopping – 21 years

Fashion Show Organizer – 18 years

Freelance Design Work – 25 years

Closet Rework – 28 years

Visual Merchandiser – 28 years

Sonja Motley  720.217.4487 itssonisday@gmail.com